Printfile delivery

Notes on Printfile delivery

Once you have placed an order you will receive an order confirmation by email. Send us yourPrintfiles by to us. Please write us always with your order number which you got with the order confirmation mail (or in the file name such as "Order nr._12052.eps")!

Below we have compiled some information.
If you have any further questions on the correct data transfer, you can reach us by phone at +49  76 41-932 43 84

The individual files should not exceed a fabric length of 3 meters. Please ask if you have larger files.

The following notes apply Placed motives for printing reports on continuous we must be given a Tif file.
Please note that documents in vectors / fonts were converted in
If you work in RGB colorspace, please use the ICC-Profile "Adobe RGB 1998"
If you work in CMYK colorspace, please use the ICC-Profile "Coated Fogra39"
You can also use LAB without Profile.

In no case, the pattern generator from Illustrator can be used. These raports are usually notcorrect.

Unless you have Pixel data that have a high resolution, ideally, be stored about 150 dpi (at least 72 dpi), size 1:1, and as a TIF (LZW compressed).


Please save as 8-Bit File.



Please save data with no hidden layers and without alpha channels.

We work with Windows programs. Macintosh users please rename your file extensions such as xxxxx.Tif.

We process the following formats:

  • .PDF   (Fonts in Vektor)
  • .tif   (Pixelfile)

For other data formats, we ask you first talking to keep up with us.

The data supplied is not tested for printability. When faulty data created a reprint is calculated. Also we are not liable for errors caused by different versions of software / conversions into other data formats.

If you want a review of your data, you can instruct it further. The processing fee for this package is € 25, -

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